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Fionn Regan - [Singer Songwriter]


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Fionn's commentary on the making of his "The Shadow of An Empire" album says everything there is to say about the quality of this artist: "There were no airs or graces about it, we cut live in the room, live vocals... the piano had come off a cruise ship and we wheeled it down the road...the guy who sold it to us threw a couple of cheap Silvertone guitars and a circus drum into the bargain. As far a production goes...I'm very much into keeping mistakes, a crack in the voice, the natural ebb and flow of live drums, so that there's a sort of evidence of the process... I think it's that atmosphere which makes me want to revisit my favourite albums again and again"


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Past Events For Fionn Regan (5)

Highly RecommendedFionn ReganPepper Canister Church, Dublin @ 20:00
Dec 09, 2011

Highly RecommendedFionn ReganPepper Canister Church, Dublin @ 20:00
Dec 08, 2011

Highly RecommendedFionn Regan
Singer Songwriter
Jul 31, 2010
This event is part of the Castlepalooza festival.

Highly RecommendedFionn ReganVicar Street, Dublin @ 20:00
Singer Songwriter
Mar 13, 2010

RecommendedFionn ReganThe Workman's Club, Dublin @ 20:00
Sep 10, 2010


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