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Lauren Guillery - [Singer Songwriter]


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Lauren "Always Ready To Rock" Guillery is one of the more genuine and fun-loving artists on the Dublin music scene. French-born, Lauren is kept busy performing, around Ireland's midlands and east coast with a range of indie concerts and events. Writes about happenings in her day-to-day life, up-front, no bullshit, and very now. Good quality vocals and guitar.


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RecommendedAcoustic Set: Lauren Guillery + Champion Jim + Squarehead + ODIWhelans, Dublin @ 20:00
Singer SongwriterInformation
Jan 22, 2010
Free Event

RecommendedLauren GuilleryLe Cirk, Dublin @ 21:00
Jan 28, 2010
Free Event

Dimestore Recordings: Lauren Guillery + Absolutely Curtains + The Stoney Brokes + R'age Heart + James GuilmartinLe Cirk, Dublin @ 20:30
Aug 26, 2010

Lauren GuilleryCobblestone, Dublin
Singer Songwriter
May 22, 2010

Lauren GuilleryShebeen Chic, Dublin
Singer Songwriter
May 06, 2010

Lauren Guillery + Rook and The RavenLe Cirk, Dublin @ 20:00
Feb 28, 2010

The Legion of Ape + Lauren GuilleryThe Mezz, Dublin
Apr 30, 2010


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